PortionPac was founded on social and environmental principles. Since 1964, sustainability has led our business, our products, our relationships, and our success. Decades before it became a buzzword, PortionPac’s founders, Syd Weisberg and Marvin Klein, believed in the value of sustainability and what it meant for the environment, the industry and the people that lived and worked in both. Built on a foundation of environmental stewardship and social responsibility, PortionPac continues to strive toward creating the world’s most sustainable solutions for clean buildings.

For us, being a leader in sustainability means considering the impact of everything we do, across all our operations. Sustainable thinking permeates our entire company. It’s in our systems, our solutions, our facility and our founding principles. PortionPac has always seen sustainability as an opportunity: a way to differentiate us from the competition and a chance to do our part. We’ve never viewed it as a hindrance or an expense—it’s just the way we do business. With our pre-measured packaging, safer product systems, and on-going education, PortionPac’s sustainable solutions help improve people’s health, the environment and our customers’ bottom line.